Bioinformatician postdoc– ICGEB


Job title: Bioinformatician postdoc

Institute/University/Company: ICGEB

Job description: A possibility is available for a postdoc to work in a group based at ICGEB Trieste which is active in studying cell-cell signaling in plant microbiomes as well as isolating and sequencing specific plant associated bacteria from different geographical regions: the postdoc will pursue his project on genomics of plant associated bacteria as well as being a resource for the research group. The candidate must be available to travel and spend long periods abroad and for more information please contact Vittorio Venturi (

Start date: 01/07/2024

Duration: 2+1 years

Application deadline:  01/05/2024

Salary:  25000/year

Contact details:

Useful link:

Additional information: nan


Computational Scientist– Candiolo Cancer Institute, IRCCS


Job title: Computational Scientist

Institute/University/Company: Candiolo Cancer Institute, IRCCS

Job description: We are looking for an enthusiastic computational scientist to investigate the role of chromatin conformation in cancer. We are considering both junior and senior applicants for this role (see pdf for details)

Start date: 01/05/2024

Duration: 3 years (with possible renewals)

Application deadline:  01/08/2024

Salary:  According to experience and seniority

Contact details:

Additional information: Starting date within the current academic year. For younger applicants, we can also arrange fellowships towards a PhD program at the University of Turin.


Bioinformatician / Data Scientist– University of Trieste


Job title: Bioinformatician / Data Scientist

Institute/University/Company: University of Trieste

Job description: Bioinformatics/ Data Science position to work on single-cell genomics and long-reads sequencing in the context of cancer evolutionary genomics.

More info:

Start date: 10/03/2024

Duration: 2 years

Application deadline:  20/01/2024

Salary:  ~26000 EUR/year

Contact details:

Useful link:


Master’s thesis internship – Oncodesign Precision Medicine


Job title: Master’s thesis internship

Institute/University/Company: Oncodesign Precision Medicine

Job description: We propose three different internships about artificial intelligence applied in target and drug discovery (drug design, usage of Large language models)

Start date: 01/02/2024

Duration: 6 months + potential extension

Application deadline:  30/11/2023

Salary:  1000 €/ month (net) + other benefits

Contact details:

Useful link:

Additional information:


Bioinformatician technician for the Genomics Facility– ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI TECNOLOGIA


Job title: Bioinformatician technician for the Genomics Facility


Job description: You’d be working in a multicultural and multi-disciplinary group, where molecular biologist, genomic technologists and computational scientists collaborate, each with their own expertise, to carry out common research.

The Genomics Facility is coordinated by Diego Vozzi who has extensive experience in Genomic technologies and Human Genetics.

Within the team, your main responsibilities will be:

To manage large amount of sequencing data and to set up some standardized DNAseq/RNAseq analysis pipelines and software infrastructure required for the Genomics Facility users.

Start date: 01/02/2024

Duration: Commitment & contract: fixed term contract, full time, 36 months duration

Application deadline:  30/11/2023

Salary:  28.000 + BONUS

Contact details: Giulia Iguera <>

Useful link:


Research Fellowship – Computational Biologist– University of Trento – CIBIO Department


Job title: Research Fellowship – Computational Biologist

Institute/University/Company: University of Trento – CIBIO Department

Job description: The Laboratory of Neurogenomic Biomarkers, Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology (CIBIO) is seeking for a junior researcher in computational biology – bioinformatics to work on an integrated project for the validation of a genomic target for psychiatry disorders, funded by the Psychiatry Consortium of Medicine Discovery Catapult. The project is based on the comprehensive characterization of transcript diversity of the target, its modulation in psychiatry disorders, as well the study of the consequences of target modulation in cellular and in vivo models by molecular, functional and behavioral analysis.

Start date: 01/12/2023

Duration: 15 months

Application deadline:  15/11/2023

Salary:  22000 Euro/year

Contact details:

Useful link:

Additional information: Fellowship (Assegno di ricerca) can be extended up to 24 months.


Bioinformatician and Data Scientist– University of Trieste


Job title: Bioinformatician and Data Scientist

Institute/University/Company: University of Trieste

Job description: Machine learning algorithms for single-cell genomics from long-reads sequencing

Start date: 01/01/2024

Duration: 2 years

Application deadline:  01/01/2024

Salary:  30.000 EUR/year gross

Contact details:

Useful link:

Additional information: The job is about to be opened, so the deadline expressed on this form is not significant.


Bioinformatician– IIT (Genova) / SISSA (Trieste)


Job title: Bioinformatician

Institute/University/Company: IIT (Genova) / SISSA (Trieste)

Job description: We are looking for a strongly motivated bioinformatician to join our group on a large scale project aimed at identifying and characterizing novel candidate natural SINEUPs in mammalian genomes. Starting date is as soon as possible.

Start date: 01/09/2023

Duration: 2 years (renewable)

Application deadline:  15/08/2023

Salary:  27000

Contact details:

Useful link: 

Additional information: Starting date is as soon as possible

If you want to know more on SINEUPs here are some articles:


Postdoctoral fellowship– European Brain Research Institute (EBRI)


Job title: Postdoctoral fellowship

Institute/University/Company: European Brain Research Institute (EBRI)

Job description: A postdoctoral fellowship position is available in the newly established laboratory directed by Prof. Hannah Monyer at EBRI in Rome to investigate the role of long-range GABAergic interneurons in the hippocampus and cortical circuits underlying spatial navigation in normal and pathophysiological conditions. The successful candidate will apply computational methods to the analysis of behavioral and electrophysiological data. Prof. Monyer also holds a Chair as Director in clinical Neurobiology at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. The work at EBRI will be performed in collaboration with her lab in Heidelberg.

Start date: 01/10/2023

Duration: 24 months

Application deadline:  31/08/2023

Salary:  27000/year

Contact details:

Useful link:

Additional information: 


Bioinformatics Technician– University of Bologna


Job title: Bioinformatics Technician

Institute/University/Company: University of Bologna

Job description: Full-term bioinformatics technician position. Tasks involve scientific support of the Departments of Medicine and Biotechnology, including application and development biological data analysis pipelines.

Start date: 01/09/2023

Duration: Indeterminato

Application deadline:  26/06/2023

Salary:  Technician category D

Contact details:

Useful link:

Additional information: