Research Fellowship – Computational Biologist– University of Trento – CIBIO Department


Job title: Research Fellowship – Computational Biologist

Institute/University/Company: University of Trento – CIBIO Department

Job description: The Laboratory of Neurogenomic Biomarkers, Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology (CIBIO) is seeking for a junior researcher in computational biology – bioinformatics to work on an integrated project for the validation of a genomic target for psychiatry disorders, funded by the Psychiatry Consortium of Medicine Discovery Catapult. The project is based on the comprehensive characterization of transcript diversity of the target, its modulation in psychiatry disorders, as well the study of the consequences of target modulation in cellular and in vivo models by molecular, functional and behavioral analysis.

Start date: 01/12/2023

Duration: 15 months

Application deadline:  15/11/2023

Salary:  22000 Euro/year

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Additional information: Fellowship (Assegno di ricerca) can be extended up to 24 months.