Public competition for Bioinformatician based on qualifications and exams, for fixed-term employment of n. 1 HEALTH RESEARCHER (cat. D – Super economic level)– IRCCS BURLO GAROFOLO DI TRIESTE


Job title:  Public competition for Bioinformatician based on qualifications and exams, for fixed-term employment of n. 1 HEALTH RESEARCHER (cat. D – Super economic level)

Institute/University/Company: IRCCS BURLO GAROFOLO DI TRIESTE

Job description: Bionformatic Application in Medical Genetics

Start date: 02/05/2023

Duration: 5 +5 years

Application deadline:  06/04/2023

Salary:  30.861,42/year

Contact details: (Prof. d’Adamo)

Useful link:

Additional information: 


Postdoc– SISSA (Trieste)


Job title: Postdoc

Institute/University/Company: SISSA (Trieste)

Job description: As a result of an AIRC Investigator Award, there is an opening for a modelling post-doc working on integration of single cell multi-omics and clinical data in myelodisplastic syndromes, in collaboration with Humanitas Hospital in Milan.

Start date: 14/03/2023

Duration: 2 yrs renewable

Application deadline:  13/03/2023

Salary:  28.368

Contact details:

Useful link:


Senior Bioinformatics Engineer– Human Technopole


Job title: Senior Bioinformatics Engineer

Institute/University/Company: Human Technopole

Job description: We are seeking an experienced Bioinformatics Engineer to provide computational support to projects focusing on cancer pharmacogenomics and engaged in analysing data from genome-editing, pharmaco/functional-genomics and single cell transcriptomics screens.

The successful candidate will be able to implement and use new computational pipelines for pre-processing and quality control assessment of data from genome-editing screens, whole exome and whole genome sequencing databases, scRNA and bulk transcriptomic profiling, as well as developing new analytical methods and tools on an individual project needs’ basis.

Start date: 03/04/2023

Duration: 5 Years

Application deadline:  15/03/2023

Salary:  Competitive and with excellent tax benefits for applicants from abroad.

Contact details:

Useful link:

Additional information: Human Technopole (HT) is a new interdisciplinary life science research institute, created and supported by the Italian Government, with the aim of developing innovative strategies to improve human health. HT is composed of five Centres: Neurogenomics, Computational Biology, Structural Biology, Genomics, and Health Data Science. The Centers work together to enable interdisciplinary research and to create an open, collaborative environment that will help promote life science research both nationally and internationally.

The Iorio Group in the Computational Biology Research Centre at Human Technopole in Milan works at the interface of biology, machine learning, statistics and information theory with the goal of understanding and predicting how genomic alterations and molecular traits from other omics contribute to pathological processes, biological circuits’ rewiring and have an impact on therapeutic response in human cancers and other diseases. Our research aims at advancing human health by designing algorithms, computational tools and novel analytical methods for the integration and the analysis of pharmacogenomics and functional-genomics datasets, with the objective of identifying new therapeutic targets, biomarkers and drug repositioning opportunities.


Master’s thesis internship– University of Trento


Job title:  Master’s thesis internship

Institute/University/Company: University of Trento

Job description: The Laboratory of Stem cells and Cancer Genomics (CIBIO – University of Trento) is looking for a highly motivated QCB master student (or related Master in Bioinformatics/Computational biology) to carry out an internship project focused on characterizing the mutations of chromatin modifier enzymes. Specifically, you’ll be asked to develop python/R scripts to analyse both public (e.g. TCGA) and in-house NGSs data. For further information please send an email to and/or .

Start date: 01/02/2023

Duration: 6-9 months

Application deadline:  01/06/2023

Salary:  unpaid

Contact details:

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Additional information: Flexible start and end date


Postdoctoral Fellow – computational modeling of mRNA-based products– University of Trento


Job title: Postdoctoral Fellow – computational modeling of mRNA-based products

Institute/University/Company: University of Trento

Job description: mRNA technology has recently demonstrated the ability to change the timeline for developing and delivering a new vaccine from years to months. As member of the Laboratory of Computational Modeling at the University of Trento, the applicant will have the opportunity to join the international consortium of R3 performers, which collects a wide range of leading organizations around the world (academic institutions, biotech companies, private and public research centers), and to contribute to the development of novel mRNA-based products (mRNA encoding for antigens and monoclonal antibodies) addressing viral and non-viral targets.

Start date: 01/02/2023

Duration: 1 year, renewable until project ending (2024-2025)

Application deadline:  31/01/2023

Salary:  24,522 euros/year gross (about 21,600 euros/year net)

Contact details:

Additional information: Please, send pre-application requests by email ( To apply to the call, the following requirements are mandatory:

– a PhD title in computational biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, physics, bioengineering, biology, or related fields awarded by an Italian or foreign university, or an equivalent qualification obtained abroad.

– Excellent knowledge of the English language.

– Ability of working in team and meeting project deadlines.


PhD in computational biology – University of Aberdeen


Job title: PhD in computational biology

Institute/University/Company: University of Aberdeen

Job description: A 4 year fully funded PhD in computational biology working on methods for differential cell-cell communication with single cell omic and imaging data

Start date: 01/10/2023

Duration: 4 years

Application deadline:  06/02/2023

Salary:  £17668 pa

Contact details:

Useful link:

Additional information: 


Postdoctoral Fellow -Human Gut single-cell RNAseq and Spatial Transcriptomics– Dr. Azucena Salas lab, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit (IDIBAPS, Barcelona, Spain).


Job title: Postdoctoral Fellow -Human Gut single-cell RNAseq and Spatial Transcriptomics

Institute/University/Company: Dr. Azucena Salas lab, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit (IDIBAPS, Barcelona, Spain).

Job description: The candidate will engage with collaborative projects in single-cell genomics that includes academic, clinical andindustry partners from across Europe, North and South America. The successful candidate should have demonstrated experience in the analysis of transcriptomic data, preferably from clinical research studies.

Start date: 01/02/2023

Duration: 3 years

Application deadline:  31/01/2023

Salary:  29000 – 35000 €/year

Contact details:

Useful link:

Additional information: Essential Criteria:
– Must have a doctoral degree in bioinformatics, data science, biostatistics, computer science, machine learning, mathematical modeling, data analytics or a closely related discipline.
– Must have bulk RNA-seq and single-cell sequencing analysis expertise.
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills including excellent oral and written English skills.
– Must know how to work in a clinical setting within data protection and confidentiality boundaries.




Four postdoctoral positions: Bioinformatician, 
Cellular biologist or Bioengineer, Cardiac Physiologist or Bioengineer, and

Department of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Parma, Italy



Postdoctoral position available in
computational modeling of mRNA-based products

University of Trento, Laboratory of Computational modeling
CIBIO Department