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The Regional Student Group (RSG)-Italy is part of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). Our purpose is to challenge the italian bioinformatic programmers community with some of the most widespread biological issues. In short term, the goal is to organize the first coding assessment specifically conceived for young italian programmers within the Bioinformatics and Biology areas. The challenge will specifically address topics of interest for the community. The proposed solutions will be evaluated and the best ones will be shared with the community so that everyone will take advantage of the contest.

The long term goals include the creation of a set of simple, well commented and re-usable parsing and processing tools, as well as algorithms, of interest for the whole Biologists and Bioinformaticians network. In addition, the contest will promote the dialogue and discussion on biological problems from the programming point of view, as well as the interaction between the two sides of Bioinformatics: biologists and programmers.

The prize for first place is a 100$ amazon coupon, the second place will get the book “Bioinformatics Challenges at the interface of biology and Computer Science, Mind the Gap” by Teresa K. Attwood, Stephen R. Pettifer, David Thorn. We will update the information if more prizes will be available.

For more information take a look at our web page and read the call!

Submissions open: October 15th 2017

DEADLINE: December 15th 2017