Calls 2017

Second edition of CASPita (Critical Assessment of Student Programming in Italy).

Call for the second edition of Critical Assessment of Student Programming in Italy (CASPita)! Whoever wants to take on the challenge can apply for the competition, there are no restrictions about participants’ background or age.
The aim of the competition is to create a tool to map exons within corresponding encoded protein sequences and structures. The tool uses Uniprot accession numbers (mandatory) and PDB files (optional) as inputs, and it can map the location of the exon boundaries, retrieved from Ensembl and UCSC Genome Browser, onto input sequences/structures. When available, species-specific genome sequence databases should be included in the resources used for exon ends definition. The program should be a user-friendly, well commented and re-usable processing tool, which can be easily implemented in fully-automated pipelines. For one example click here.

Submissions open: October 15th 2017

DEADLINE: December 15th 2017

Call: CASPita 2017

Good luck!!!

Calls 2016

CASPita: Critical Assessment of Student Programming in Italy
The call for the second Critical Assessment of Student Programming in Italy (CASPita) is open! We will update the list of prizes for this challenge soon! Look at our website, Facebook or Twitter pages!

The RSG-Italy proposes the first coding assessment specifically conceived for young italian programmers within the Bioinformatics and Biology areas. The challenge specifically address topics of interest for the community. The proposed solutions will be evaluated and the best ones will be shared with the community so that everyone will take advantage of the contest.

The long term goals include the creation of a set of simple, well commented and re-usable parsing and processing tools, as well as algorithms, of interest for the whole Biologists and Bioinformaticians network. In addition, the contest will promote the dialogue and discussion on biological problems from the programming point of view, as well as the interaction between the two sides of Bioinformatics: biologists and programmers.

The aim of this first assessment is to create a parser for the default output of BLAST and PSI-BLAST. You can find the official call and all the details here and several examples of BLAST and PSI-BLAST outputs here

Submission deadline extended until March 7th 2017

DEADLINE: February 27th 2017

Good luck!!!

The Gulbenkian Training Programme in Bioinformatics (GTPB). The opportunity is available for Italian students!
An agreement between GTPB and RSG-Italy will allow an italian student to use a subsidy for the participation at the IBSTATB16 course. The fee will be reduced to Eur 50.
People interested in this opportunity would have to present an application in the standard way described under application, and write ISCBSC-Italy in the field asking for a quick decision in the application form.
More information about the course: and here.
Application form:

IMPORTANT DATES for this Course:
Deadline for applications: Nov 7th 2016
Course dates: Nov 14th - Nov 18th 2016